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It’s a no-brainer to add descriptions and set dates within the image itself when you’re archiving old family photo scans. Luckily I did a quick experiment with saving meta-data into a TIF image. I opened the TIF in Gwenview, the default KDE image viewer, and re-saved the image as a JPEG file. The meta-data I’d added was not preserved in the new file. Opening the TIF file in showFoto and saving it as a JPEG did preserve the original’s meta-data. In digiKam, the meta-data was preserved, but it was prepended with the locale of the meta-data which looked ugly. In other words, lang=x-default; actual meta-data here. This may have just been shown this way because of how Gwenview works, I don’t know, but it looks like my workflow will be:

  1. Scan photo at 600 dpi as a TIF
  2. Embed date and description meta-data
  3. Store original scan backup
  4. Crop and adjust image
  5. Store adjusted scan backup
  6. Post adjusted scan to shareable online storage (TBD)
  7. Export to JPEG in showFoto for use in posts online