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Ever since it was released by its creator, I’ve been a big fan of Inconsolata and plugging it in as the preferred Monospace font is always one of the first things I do in a new OS install. Unfortunately, I ran into an ugly QT problem where QT is attempting to make a bold version of Inconsolata  (which doesn’t have a bold typeface) dynamically in certain situations. In Yakuake/Konsole, the last character of colored items was getting clipped off. Annoying. But in Kate, it was much worse- if you were highlighting some text, it would suddenly jump when you finished selecting an entire word, making selecting text almost a game. After searching, I discovered that not only is a bug filed, but there are a log of unhappy KDE Inconsolata users.

I was able to overcome the Yakuake problem with an option as described here, where you open your current profile and uncheck “Draw intense colors in bold font”.

In Kate, I resorted to using InconsolataXL which means I’m using a bold typeface all the time. Not ideal. Droid Sans Mono might be a better idea here.

You can get Inconsolata here. Drop him a note thanking him for the font and nicely suggest a bold version be included soon. 🙂