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If you head over to you can take part in a promotion they’re doing and get over 2000 font files free. Note that I said files. There’s a separate file for each style (e.g. bold, italic) so I don’t think it’s actually 2000 fonts. Here’s what you do- you do not need a Mac. I checked the license in the download file.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a sign in or use an exiting one to log into MacUpdate’s servers
  3. Use the Twitter or Facebook method to advertise their promotion. I opted for the Twitter method, but I dislike that I basically gave them access to publish to my feed, not that I use it much.
  4. MacUpdate will automatically add MacFonts to your digital downloads page
  5. Download the DMG file to your Ubuntu desktop
  6. Go to and run DMGExtractor from Web Start
  7. Select the DMG file and opt to save the output as an ISO
  8. Right click the ISO file and choose ‘Open with Archive Manager’
  9. Find the ‘MacFonts’ folder and within that select the ‘Fonts’ folder and extract it
  10. You now have 2000+ font files.

I highly recommend that you not install them all. For one thing they’re probably not all that different from some you already have. But also, having a million fonts does incur a performance penalty. When you want to install one, double click the file and it will open a preview of all the glyphs in the file. If you’re sure, click the ‘Install’ button in the right hand corner. Fire up LibreOffice Writer or another app and get publishing!