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I’ve (finally) installed openSUSE. Since my home partition is separate, I’ve left it unmounted for now till I know whether I want to keep openSUSE- and if I need to downgrade from ext4 to ext3 on that partition (if that’s even possible).

Why try it? I’ve had several crashes recently and I’m hoping maybe openSUSE will be a bit more stable for me. Plus, openSUSE has to be the best designed distro- Jakub Steiner works for Novell doing brilliant work for openSUSE. If for no other reason, the look and feel is a pleasure to use.

Immediate goals:

  • pommed for my Macbook Pro
  • touchpad two finger scrolling
  • ext4/ext3 question
  • Gnome Do
  • Tasque
  • Mozilla Prism
  • iSight camera
  • Acer Prisa 620UT Scanner
  • Flash etc.

After that, I’ll decide whether to keep openSUSE long-term. I made an image of my root partition that I can restore at anytime.

So far, the installation was a little problematic, but that was my setup, not openSUSE. Wireless seems as flaky as Ubuntu, so that’s probably my network, my card, or the same driver just being equally flaky. My initial software update seemed a little weird. Kept reporting failures to connect to repositories. Retry enough times and you’ll get through.