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This morning I read about a new theme being developed for openSUSE 11.2, called Sonar. It’s really easy to try it out in 11.1. You can download the files manually at this page– or you can add the repository to your list:

  1. Open ‘Software Repositories’
  2. Click the ‘Add’ button
  3. Choose the ‘HTTP’ type and click ‘Next’
  4. Enter a Nickname for the Repository- something bizarre like ‘Sonar’. The server name is and the directory on server is /repositories/home:/aaronbockover:/opensuse-refresh/openSUSE_11.1/ – just click ‘Next’ and finish off the wizard.
  5. Go into ‘Install Software’ and search for ‘sonar’ and install the packages. Make sure your Murrine gtk2 engine is up to date.

It’s just beautiful. I’m someone rarely satisfied by a theme but I have to say that I have found nothing about this one that bugs me. I love it.