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Way back when I was starting out as a web designer we used technology from RealNetworks to do some things that were, at the time, pretty amazing. But they quickly got left behind. To the point that the other day when I was attending a webinar, I realized I haven’t had RealPlayer installed for years.

I made an attempt to get it- it wasn’t in openSUSE at all- not even in the openSUSE Build Service. Not even for the open source Helix Player. But I downloaded the raw installer from their site.

I ran the command line installer. I wasn’t able to get the plug-in working and rather than leaving it on my system, I decided to get rid of it. The next day, downloads of supported media types were still showing a RealPlayer icon. Looking online I didn’t find any clues, nor could I figure out any switches I could run on the installer to remove the installation. Finally I poked around in the files it installed. Within the RealPlayer it installed to was a postinst folder with a number files like I ran all the ‘remove’ and ‘uninstall’ scripts and am now back in business, RealPlayer free.