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Very tricky. I have a lot more respect for the Keychain in Mac OS X after working on this. It is not simple at all. After poking around I cobbled together an Automator application (using AppleScript) that goes through the Keychain and exports the passwords to a file named keychain_passwords.txt on your Desktop. The bulk of the programming kudos goes to baltwo in the Apple Discussion Boards.

Ensure that Keychain is in /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ and that the
login.keychain is in /Users/username/Library/Keychains/.

Note that a big downside to this is that you have to click ‘Allow’ for each password access and (maybe intentionally) the popup window that asks for the permission is in a slightly different spot on the screen each time so you can’t just click madly- you have to aim and click almost every time. But this was the only thing I could find.

Download the Automator App for Mac OS X