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At the office we have a file server for staff to move files like presentations and documents around. I haven’t used it much since I’m the only web guy and people usually e-mail things straight to me when I need them. But starting next Monday, I’ll have a coworker to help with the websites so I delved into setting up the Windows share.

I’m increasingly frustrated by openSUSE. It seems like so many things that should be simple just aren’t. I know I’ve done this in Ubuntu. Nautilus was unable to browse the network shares at all. mount.cifs is the program that actually ties the Windows® share to your filesystem and doesn’t allow anyone but root to run it.

So I decided to add it to my permanent shares in /etc/fstab. But I don’t want it to be mounted automatically because a) I don’t want the overhead and b) I won’t need it all the time.

After consulting several websites, I found clues here but the breakthrough was when I found this “Cool Solution”. Thanks to that article, the share is now as it should be. Except… I want it to show up in Nautilus in the sidebar to mount at will without even entering a terminal. Anyone?