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But if there are network drives you need to access on a regular basis, you should do the following:

  1. make a mnt directory in your home directory
  2. make a directory for each of the network shares you need to access
  3. Open a terminal and enter root mode
  4. open /etc/fstab and add the share reference: //server_name/share_name /home/your_username/mnt/g smbfs noauto,users,exec,rw,username=your_username,password=your_password,workgroup=your_workgroup,uid=500 0 0
  5. at the terminal, type chmod +s /usr/bin/smbmnt and enter
  6. at the terminal, type chmod +s /usr/bin/smbumount and enter
  7. close the terminal

Now, when you right click your desktop, find the menu option that says “Disks”. To the right, the menu will now have a list of all the shares you put into /etc/fstab. It will display them by the name of the directory you put into the “mnt” directory. When you click on one, a new icon will appear on the desktop. Now you can open the network share and browse it and everything. To remove it, right-click the icon and select the bottom menu option “Unmount Volume”.