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I know that I am a technology snob. I dislike or don’t use some things just because I don’t ‘like’ them. KDE has been one of them- although in my defense I have tried it out at various times.

I tried it out again on Saturday, thinking that this would be a good opportunity since openSUSE provides what many consider to be the best KDE implementation. I was disappointed. There were some nice edges but I found the experience similar to Vista. There may have been an overhaul of the underlying code and cosmetics but it will be some time before the apps match that and provide a clean, uniform experience. There’s also something I just don’t… like about the UI. I can’t put my finger on it.

Anyway, I was willing to leave it installed but before I knew it, KDE had become my default session. I did not appreciate that. I logged out, chose GNOME in the GDM and logged in. Still KDE. That’s right. I refuse. I uninstalled everything with a K in it.