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I have a fun new phone finally and ran into a snag trying to get things into an arrangement where stuff on my desktop and on my phone sync.

Google’s Android essentialy skips the problem of syncing software for the desktop by syncing with their Internet based services. With the wide range of software that can sync from the desktop computer up to their services, it’s a pretty safe strategy. Even on Linux there are readily available solutions.

To integrate Google Contacts and Calendar, I did have to add a couple packages to my openSUSE installation:

zypper install akonadi-googledata
zypper install libgcal0

But it still didn’t work- it kept saying I had an invalid password. Happily, I came across this thread which guided me through the openSUSE-specific change I had to make to the proxy settings. I wonder if anything else has been affected by this setting.

Anyway- it looks like it’s working, although I still don’t see my calendar, so there’s more to do there.