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I just got finished posting my first contribution to the openSUSE site at! Happily I did not give in and just rip out pulseaudio as some people suggest. Skype was just looking for which was apparently satisfied by installing alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit

I do see errors saying E: shm.c: Invalid shared memory segment size but these seem to be related to this bug on the pulseaudio site which has apparently been fixed but isn’t in openSUSE yet?

My microphone seems to capture incredibly softly, but otherwise seems to be working. “Sound In” for my Macbook Pro is HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0) for the microphone in the left speaker grille. I’m guessing that HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0) is for the line-in Audio Input port, but not having a self-powered microphone (the Macbook Pro Audio Input port provides no power), I don’t know that for sure.

Note to Skype: provide a 64-bit version. I can accept that it’s closed source, but that puts the onus on you to update your binaries and make them available for a wider variety. That said, thank you for providing a Linux version.