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I believe it’s crazy to do an upgrade. It’s just safer to backup important things and reinstall from scratch. This may be odious and time consuming but you’re just more likely to keep around some misconfigured or outdated packages if you just upgrade. Notice: if you read this, attempt to copy what I did and it messes something up, I’m very sorry. I am, however not liable. If you ask nicely I might have some tips for you if you get in a jam though.

Happily this process is easier than ever thanks to a separate home partition. Essentially all my user data is on a separate hard drive. So I just installed 64-bit Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope on a freshly formatted ext4 partition. Yay!

Things I did right away:
– install gnome-do, every theme, theme engine and icon set, gnome-main-menu, mysql, php (it’s what I’m paid for after all), banshee

From what I can tell, it was a great success.