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It may seem odd on a ‘Use 100% of the Time’ blog but occasionally I have to use other OSes to check for browser compatibility. Maybe someday I can even throw that out, but in the mean time, this chore is necessary but usually only once every week or two.

When I fired up VirtualBox it wouldn’t run- no doubt due to changes I’ve made. And the kernel module wouldn’t compile. I spent a long time working on this. I had identical versions of kernel-default and kernel-source installed. For whatever reason linux-kernel-headers has a different version (this is apparently normal and was a red herring).

I would get lots of errors like warning: "KERNEL_VERSION" is not defined and cc1: error: include/linux/autoconf.h: No such file or directory

After a long time searching and installing, uninstalling, reinstalling packages, I finally found this thread which got me on the right track.

  1. Install kernel-sys

That’s it. I was suddenly able to compile etc. Yay!