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OK- I’ve pretty much completed the entire iconset now. I still want to redo the filebrowser icons, and my reconstructed icon and new splash I feel are going well. As usual, much thanks to jimmac, from whom I borrow much. 🙂 Well, without further ado, the icons:

abbr Tag Icon abbr tag

acronym Tag Icon acronym tag

a Tag Icon anchor tag

br Tag Icon br tag

br all Tag Icon br-clear all tag

cite Tag Icon cite tag

code Tag Icon code tag

div Tag Icon div tag

CSS Dialog Icon create stylesheet dialog

span Tag Icon span tag

dfn Tag Icon dfn tag

mailto Tag Icon mailto:

hidden input Tag Icon hidden form field

text input Tag Icon text field

hr Tag Icon hr tag

kbd Tag Icon kbd tag

multi-thumbnail Dialog Icon multi-thumbnail wizard

nbsp Tag Icon non-breaking space

p Tag Icon paragraph tag

samp Tag Icon samp tag

var Icon var tag

Context Tags Drawer context tags drawer