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I use Thunderbird for the e-mail I actually get delivered to my computer. It’s great software and I’ve got it tied into my Google Calendar and Contacts databases. Great product. But when I installed openSUSE 11.4, suddenly the calendar component (Lightning) was broken. It turns out openSUSE does not include a 64-bit build of Lightning and the Lightning add-on won’t install because the official add-on is only 32-bit.

Luckily, I found someone’s post mentioning that there is in fact a 64-bit build. I gather that someone’s doing it out of the goodness of their heart- I doubt it’s supported in any way, but it is on the official Mozilla servers

Find the most recent release (look at the date if you’re not sure). Click the link. Then find the ‘contrib’ folder and click that link. In there should be a folder named ‘linux-x86_64’ – click that link too. There you go! You should see xpi files (Mozilla add-on packages) for lightning and gdata-provider.

Download them (if you’re in Firefox and you click them, Firefox will try to install them- and that won’t work). Then in Thunderbird go to Tools > Add-ons. On the extensions panel you should see an ‘Install’ button at the bottom. Click that and browse to the xpi files you downloaded and away you go!