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Making QT Apps Look Good in KDE

It’s odd but even though KDE is built on QT, QT apps can look rather… bad in KDE. QT has a bunch of styles built in, but Oxygen, the KDE default, is not built-in. The way it can be used is through the shared QT libraries in the Linux distribution (or I...

The Beautiful Sonar Theme

This morning I read about a new theme being developed for openSUSE 11.2, called Sonar. It’s really easy to try it out in 11.1. You can download the files manually at this page- or you can add the repository to your list: Open ‘Software Repositories’...

Thanks Tombuntu!

I had followed a link into the Tombuntu site and by coincidence ran into this post which completely explains what to do about a problem I ran into yesterday. Yay! Looks like this site is a keeper.