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I’m excited to announce that I’m refocusing on improving the Linux (and GNOME in particular) experience and to that end we’re changing a few little things like our domain name. After a lot of thought and crossed-out (taken) ideas, I’ve settled on, which has a lot of meaningful cues.

  1. Tux could be short for tuxedo, as in dressing up
  2. Tux is the name of the official Linux penguin mascot
  3. Boosting Linux is the goal
  4. There’s UX in Tux- User Experience
  5. How can I say no to a rocket in the name?

There’s nothing wrong with the name, but it’s too far from where I want to drive this. I set out to show how easy it is, but in truth, many things about Linux can be tricky. I suspect that part of it is real and the other part is my incessant messing with the operating system, but anyway…

My hope is that I can play a small part in helping to grow and polish Linux apps so that as my children grow up it will be ready for them and for your children too.