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If you haven’t heard of GnuCash, you’re probably not using GNOME. It is the financial program for GNOME. In that lies the whole problem. There is literally no other real program to do finances. There is a lot of functionality in GnuCash, but it’s a poster child for open source development gone crazy. It really feels like they have just thrown all they can into it. There doesn’t seem to be a direction that they’re heading, really. The survey that they have on their site is from 2001, which resulted in some small business features and some home features. The problem is that those are separate markets. Their desire to be the financial app for Linux is just making GnuCash that much less desirable. To me, they should recast GnuCash as a financial library, with a small business client project and a home user client, where the library has the widgets, and the clients can work on supporting specific market segments.