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Things is a great tool for getting organized especially if you ascribe to David Allen’s Getting Things Done workflow.

Not only is the app cool and beautiful, but it can sync with its iPhone version so your to do list is mobile. Very nice. All that and the data is stored in plain xml so you could in theory parse it and load it into a different tool. I could have done this but with the list I had going decided to just copy and paste them into my new solution. In my eyes they did everything they could to make things as portable as possible which earns a ‘Great’ rating.

I initially was going to try to keep using the iPhone version only, but it just didn’t cut it. Great tool- wish it was cross-platform.

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Remember the Milk/Tasque

I think the cow picture is completely lame.

That said, this subscription-based web application is very simple to use in any modern browser (maybe in an older one too but I wouldn't know). Plus, there's an iPhone app for it, and a GNOME app, Tasque, which was hacked together by some Novell guys. Love it.

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