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CSSEdit is one of those apps that’s a joy to use. It’s super slick with some great features and all without locking you into continuing to use the app forever. It’s a magnificent user experience for something that can be done with a variety of other tools.

Personally, I found that it could be a little troublesome to use since the editor was really CSS only which meant I would usually code in something else and do previewing in the CSSEdit preview window (if I wasn’t using Xyle Scope).

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It's strange that I would think that you could replace a slick commercial app with a free browser extension but there you go.

Firebug is great.

We may be seeing some equally great things from the team working on BlueGriffon which is the new work being done to modernize and re-release the decent web editor from the Mozilla codebase, Nvu.

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