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Guide for Windows to Linux Migration

Tuxrocket began as my switching story. I am the webmaster for a software company and use computers all day every day- switching was/is not trivial. But I use Linux now for nearly all I do. You can too.

Windows Apps

To be honest it had been many years since I used Windows, so in 2012 I spent over nine months straight using Windows 7. I did fine but I still prefer Linux.

There are a million sites out there where you can vote for your favorite apps. This is not one of them. Windows Apps on Tuxrocket are scored on how easy it is to leave them behind for a Linux solution. Why score them? Won’t knowing how hard it will be keep people from migrating to Linux from Windows? Sure, some will. Others evaluating Windows software for purchase will start out knowing they’re going to be locked in.

GREAT      GOOD      BAD      AWFUL

Scoring is simple:

  • great: Native Version available for Linux. Easy as pie.
  • good: Open format. You can open your work without a hitch in software available for Linux.
  • bad: Export options. You can spin the wheel and export your work and hope it can be opened in something in Linux.
  • awful: Create from scratch. There is nothing on earth that can help you. You’ve paid money for an app designed to lock you in.