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Pure Linux

Tuxrocket began as my switching story. I am the webmaster for a software company and use computers all day every day- switching was/is not trivial. But I use Linux now for nearly all I do. You can too. I dare you to take the 100% Linux challenge. Use it for everything. Don’t stop because it’s tricky. There are obviously limits- you need to get the job done. But don’t be a coward. Don’t pack up and run when you’re faced with learning how to do your work differently. Being able to learn and adapt is arguably the greatest edge the human race has- do you have it too?

Mac Apps

In moving to Linux from my Mac, I learned a bit about switching from the specific apps I use. Read all about it here.

Windows Apps

In 2012, for nine whole months I was a Windows user. I became reacquainted with that platform and switching to it and back expanded my switching horizons. Apps reviewed here.