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I provide solutions to web problems.

Every family is a little different and website needs can vary quite a bit. Maybe you just want to get your toes wet. Or maybe you want to be a full-blown family organization, taking donations and providing materials online. Either way, you need a good website. No matter what you need my help with, it’s billed at only $50 per hour! I also offer hosting for your website at the amazing price of only $50 a year!

Design & Layout

All sites, big and small, need good design & layout. You may not realize it, but bad artwork is one of the biggest design problems your site can have. If you’re using clipart or stock buttons from somewhere, do not be satisfied! I can make you beautiful, one of a kind buttons and images that will set your site apart from those still using Microsoft Word to make their web site. Plus, I test the design and layout with the browsers that your users use!

Standards-based Page Coding

HTML provides the basic structure for your pages from the most simple website to the most complex. I code the HTML in a way that all major browsers will be able to understand and in a way that simplifies future changes if they are needed.

Web Programming

Websites are made using different types of code. HTML is what you end up seeing, but if there’s anything tricky or more complex than plain HTML, your website will need some custom programming. Many things use simple JavaScript. Other more complicated tasks must be handled by an advanced server-side programming language such as PHP.

Hosting and Site Maintenance

For an annual fee of $50, I provide website hosting as well as simple maintenance. If changes you need me to do only amount to one hour of work for a given month there’s no charge. (This hour does not roll over.)