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I am very tired of dealing with businesses who end up charging me things that were not mentioned at the beginning of our business relationship. My goal is to have pricing that is clear and affordable. I charge $50.00 per hour for work done on your website.

Payment Schedule

At the time that you accept and sign the contract, half of the project’s cost (or estimated cost) is due. Upon completion of your project, I will e-mail you a final billing statement. Final payment is due within one week (7 days) of completion. I accept personal or company checks for US funds only. Make checks payable to Waldo Web Design LLC.

Recourse Policy

Obviously, I am in business to make a living. I’ve got a mortgage to pay for, and some hungry little ones. So I don’t like the idea of working on a project and then having it pulled out from under me- it’s happened before even when the project was complete. But I also recognize that everyone should be dealt with fairly. Because of that, you may be assured that you will never be cheated by me.
If you decide at any point that you would prefer not to continue using my services, any unpaid invoices will be due. I will not issue a new invoice with any hours worked since the last date. You will receive from me any content assets (graphics, templates) created for you* as of the last paid invoice. I will issue invoices regularly, each time getting your approval of what I have done prior to invoicing you.
* This does not include server code such as any proprietary source code which I only allow run on my own servers.

Terms for Fixed Price Services

I occasionally make some fixed price offers available because I feel that it is more helpful for you for planning and budgeting purposes. However, to avoid the abuse of these offers, the following terms of service apply to all of our Fixed Price Services.
All artwork and web pages are limited to a single revision. That means that after your delivery of all content to be incorporated into your package, we will make an initial design of each component. I will then get your approval on it. If changes need to be made, I will make them and send them again to you for approval. If following approval from you more changes need to be made, the project will become an hourly project. For this reason, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a good idea of what you want from the start.
Web pages include HTML coding only. Custom programming including JavaScript, etc., will incur additional hourly programming charges.

Privacy Policy

I believe that your privacy is very important, so although I do monitor site statistics and store data, as well as archiving customer and potential customer information, I will never share your information with any other entity. Nor will I ever share or distribute any genealogical data entrusted to me without a client’s express consent. I do reserve the right to display customer names and/or contract work screenshots unless specifically disallowed in our contract.

Legal Notice

This is the website of Waldo Web Design, LLC. All site content is copyright 2003-2015, Waldo Web Design, unless otherwise noted. All brand and product names used on these pages are trade names, service marks, or trademarks of their respective companies. I make no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the content on this site, including help items, news, and articles.