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I am skilled in several fields relating to web development and will be an asset to any company. I am a problem solver that can make difficult things happen and a self-starter with little need for encouragement. Additionally, I already own the software and hardware needed for building websites and can therefore immediately begin working on your project without an investment on your part.


Webmaster, ContentWatch, Inc.; West Valley City, Utah – 2005-Present
Website change and architecture management. Primarily working with PHP and MySQL, with additional design responsibilities.

Web Presence Engineer, TeachStream; Sandy, Utah – 2000-2005
I do nearly all web design work currently for TeachStream and The Video Journal of
Education as well as participating in architecting software, designing and
implementing MySQL databases, programming in Java and PHP, Flash
development, and capturing and encoding video for the web.

Consultant, Instructional Media Center; Provo, Utah – 2000
The Instructional Media Center is a part of the Center for Instructional Design at
BYU. I was one of the student employees that developed projects for faculty trying
to incorporate more new media into their courses.


Brigham Young University: Graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History


Clean HTML/XHTML/CSS coding
Advanced JavaScript
PHP 5.x programming
SQL (specifically MySQL)
Extremely familiar with Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Red Hat and SuSE Linux, as well as Windows
Extremely familiar with various open source programs including the GIMP and Inkscape
Familiar with Linux server administration
Adobe web design products (including Freehand, Fireworks, Dreamweaver,
and Flash)
Although harder to quantify, I am an excellent artist and cartoonist
Speak and write Spanish

In what amounts to another life in ‘technology years’, I have also have worked with ColdFusion (the server programming language, not the power source), Flash and ActionScript 2.0 programming, and server-side Java programming using JSP, JavaBeans, and Custom Tags.

References are available upon request.