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App Scores

App Scores

This in no way is an effort to rate every Linux App out there. Linux Apps are scored on the same scale but are scored for usability and refinement. The most powerful software on the planet may not do well here if it’s got a UI that was thrown together as an afterthought.

Scoring is fairly simple. Apps are judged by the Tuxrocket Guidelines outlined on our front page:

GREAT      GOOD      BAD      AWFUL

Each of the criteria below is worth 1 point to the app’s score. 1-3 is Awful, 4-6 is Bad, 7-9 is Good, and 10-12 is Great.

Scoring Criteria
App name should be marketable*
Has a nice app icon*
Uses Tango icon guidelines
Slick UI that’s fun to use*
Killer feature people talk about*
Good-looking website*
Top-level domain name
Site has FAQs for users
Site has a User forum
Site has a way to contact the developers
Packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE at least
Freebie- In case I need to add a criterion later

* I admit some of these are very subjective. I have to like it.