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Time Machine

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Free in Mac OS X

When Time Machine came out I wasn’t that excited, but set it up anyway. I have to say that the interface is so easy it’s indescribable. Interestingly, it throws out all guidelines on app design that Apple encourages. I was converted one of the few times I did need to go back and find a file. So easy, so helpful. Love it.

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Although still very new, I've been impressed not only with the features it has available, but at the rapid pace it's developing. The interface is easy to use and set up was simple. I had no luck getting a different solution, , to work.

One thing to keep in mind about your Time Machine archive- it appears to have old versions of your files that you'd be able to access independently of Time Machine. It's just that with no interface to the way it works. You're mostly hunting around looking for what you want. The Time Machine app is not ground breaking in what it does: backup. It's great because of it's interface which is extremely simple, yet beautiful.

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