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The big feature to SubEthaEdit that caught my eye is that it can allow multiple users to edit the same document in real time. That’s just cool. Unfortunately, I’ve never used that feature, never having worked with any other Mac users when I was one. Beyond that feature, SubEthaEdit is a superb editor.

I don’t know about you, but I often/occasionally have to work with extremely large text files to prep them for processing etc. When I have tasks like that I open SubEthaEdit which has never crashed on me (compared to TextMate and others which I quickly realized were just not ready for that type of work).

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My favorite text editor in Ubuntu is Geany, which roles together a lot of features I love about TextMate with the durability of SubEthaEdit.

Text Editor (Gedit)

To be frank, the built-in text editor in Ubuntu, called 'Text Editor' in the menus, is fabulous. It's not a code editor per se, but it can do that and more. And it's extremely hardy. It's not Notepad.

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