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I love how clean the Safari web browser is. Sure, you can’t extend it like crazy like you can with Firefox but it’s fast and… charming.

The web browser market is getting better and better. Frankly, I don’t see a lot of overwhelming reason to use one browser over another at this point. For those interested in using Safari on Linux, you can read more about doing that here. Warning: what they’re doing is running Safari in Wine, which is probably going to run slower than a ‘normal’ browser. There is not an actual Linux version of Safari.

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Firefox is at least as good as Safari and is integrated very nicely into the GNOME desktop. I use for my bookmarks, but if you have bookmarks in Safari, just export them and then in Firefox go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks and at the top of the little window that opens there's an Import option. Choose Import > Import HTML and select the Safari Bookmarks.html file that Safari exported. Works like a charm.

To get your passwords out, you'll need to see my post on exporting Keychain passwords.

If you have any .webarchive files from Mac OS X (these are created when you save a webpage in Safari), I'm working on that...

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