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MySQL Query Browser

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I have always the loved the Query Browser. It’s (usually) a good move to use tools designed by the DB vendor for the precise task at hand, and the Query Browser has a great feature set. I love the easy CSV exports, bookmarking of queries, and especially the live editing, which many other alternatives want you to write a whole query to do. It’s free and versions are available for many, many platforms.

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Native Linux version available- you're all set. Want to migrate your settings? In my testing I wasn't able to just move the bookmarks over, but the connections moved over just fine.

In your home folder on your Mac, go to Library/Application Support/MySQL/. Copy mysqlx_user_connections.xml and you're going to put it in your home folder in the .mysqlqui folder. Now you've got all your saved connections, minus passwords which were saved in the Keychain. To add them, open a connection then go to Tools > Options and on the General Options panel, check the 'Store connection passwords' option. Then go to the Connections panel and add in the missing passwords.

As I said, I wasn't able to move the bookmarks file over- it caused a Segmentation fault. I messed with the file, changing the values for the dates and the catalog to be empty like the ones Query Browser was creating. Still no luck, so I changed the permissions: chmod 644 bookmarks.xml to match the default file it was creating when you save a bookmark. No luck again. Then I noticed the element in the xml- in the bookmarks.xml file from Mac OS X they were all 0- I assume these indicate the display position. I changed the file to make sure they all had different positions and voila!- all done.

How Good is the Linux App?

App name should be marketable

Has a nice app icon

Uses Tango icon guidelines

Slick UI that's fun to use

Killer feature people talk about

Good-looking website

Top-level domain name

Site has FAQs for users

Site has a User forum

Site has a way to contact the developers

Packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE

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