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Another crown jewel of Adobe’s software crown, Illustrator is the heavyweight contender in the vector artwork market. There are other packages out there, but I think Illustrator is the dominant player in the professional market. Personally, I don’t like it and used Lineform instead.

It’s expensive and complicated but if you’re used to it, you may be unwilling to even consider switching which isn’t something I can help with. And since it’s something I’ve intentionally never used, I can’t be sure if what works for me will work for you but you can try it.

Illustrator’s score didn’t bomb quite as much as other Adobe apps because it treats SVG, an open format, as a first-class file type. I’ve never felt that Illustrator’s exports were very clean though. I’ll open the SVG and just think “Why does Illustrator do this to this file? It was such a clean image and now it’s got all these parts everywhere.” Anyway. You can get out pretty easily by resaving as SVG- just use 1.0 as the version and not 1.1.

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Give it a try- it is much simpler and maybe it takes a bit longer if you relied on Illustrator features rather than your talent to get things done. But it can work!

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