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GNOME Do is fantastic. I’ve got it mapped to the same keys Quicksilver used and it’s just great.

To set the hotkey that brings up the window you can type in, right-click the purple icon in your status bar and click ‘Preferences’. A window will pop up- click the middle tab ‘Keyboard’. There you can type the keys you want to use to activate GNOME Do in the ‘Summon’ field.

Install via Software Center: GNOME Do

How Good is the Linux App?

App name should be marketable

Has a nice app icon

Uses Tango icon guidelines

Slick UI that's fun to use

Killer feature people talk about

Good-looking website

Top-level domain name

Site has FAQs for users

Site has a User forum

Site has a way to contact the developers

Packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE

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