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DVD Player

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Free with Mac OS X

You’d think this would be a natural inclusion in every operating system and yet Mac OS X is the only one to include this for free. Even Windows makes you pay extra for this.

DVD licensing makes this a painful issue for Linux users. Sure there are ways to do it but most are not legal.

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Fluendo DVD Player

A great, legal, option for DVD playback is the new Fluendo DVD Player for Linux. It works great but costs about $29 USD.

PowerDVD for Linux

Another legal option to play DVDs is to go to the Canonical Store and order the PowerDVD add-on for $50. I did and I can tell you that I had to initially turn off Compiz just to have it play. I can't remember and now have no way to test whether this helped. I was pretty dissatisfied with this option.

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