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Free with Paid Options

Dropbox is awesome. It’s a service that runs on your computer and at its simplest copies anything you put in your Dropbox folder out to their server and any computer that is connected to your Dropbox account. You can pay a fee for additional space and features. But the basics are free and available on Macs, Windows and Linux. Yay!

Migration Score


Migration Options

Native Version Available

Just install (in KDE), log out and back in to get Nautilus in gear and you're set.

How Good is the Linux App?

App name should be marketable

Has a nice app icon

Uses Tango icon guidelines

Slick UI that's fun to use

Killer feature people talk about

Good-looking website

Top-level domain name

Site has FAQs for users

Site has a User forum

Site has a way to contact the developers

Packages for Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE

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