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Once in a while there’s an app that makes me sit up and think “what? is that even possible?” Drive-in is one of those apps. Not because the idea of storing a DVD on your hard drive is so unlikely- I just didn’t think it could possibly be legal. And yet, the developer Telestream (owned by Microsoft!) created a product (supposedly legal) that copies a disc image of your DVD to the hard drive and tags it with an identifier and provides a nice, if rudimentary interface to open them, etc. Not long after, RealNetworks tried to release a product that did (I think) the same thing and they were blocked by the movie industry.

Anyway, although it chews up your drive space, Drive-In is really cool. But if you want to stop using it, you’ve got a bunch of DVD images that are unusable by anything else.

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Since I mentioned the magic word "DVD" you're probably guessing that I will not make any suggestions on what to do. You're right. The idea that there would be a legal way to do this on Linux is laughable. I paid $50 for a legal DVD player in Linux and while it works I can't see it ever having such a cool feature.

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