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About Me

About Me

I’m married with four children and am very active in my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m a Mormon.

I’d be happy to talk with you about Linux or anything else you need some help with or have suggestions about- drop me a line.

What so much Linux stuff?

I wanted to do something to help drive Linux app marketing forward- to help in whatever way I could to make them just a little better. And of course show how I use Linux all day, every day as a desktop operating system.

This Is Not An Anti-_____ Site

I think I’d get really tired really fast of running a website that just was out to bash a company. No, the big thing that hit me as I considered switching to Linux was how hard it would be. I was living in an Apple bubble. You could even say that everything Apple makes, by design tries to lock you in. It’s not enough that they provide all the apps- they even want you to use their e-mail and website package!

Linux is not for everyone. Having used it before I knew I could handle it. But let me ask you, whether you’re considering switching or not: If you wanted to stop using your Mac or Windows PC, how hard would it be? I’m not talking about whether you’d miss the coolness- I mean could you stop using it? How difficult would it be to move your stuff to a different computer? I would argue that if your skills depend completely on the software created by a company out there, any company, they own you.

Hopefully, if you choose to switch, this site will help you do so. If you’re helping make great apps for Linux, maybe you’ll be inspired and make your app even better.

A Note on Site Compatibility

I spend all day every day catering to as wide a web audience as possible, which includes Internet Explorer 6. If you’re running Internet Explorer 6, you have my pity. But I’m not going to worry about making my site work for you. Get any modern browser with decent standards support, even Internet Explorer 7, and you’re good to go. If anything, this site is a playground of sorts for web-related ideas that I want to try out.

I work as a webmaster from home, all day every day, for a software company, ContentWatch, Inc.. Plus, being a computer geek, we have several around the house, although the quantity is probably at an all time low.

Primary System

HP xw8200 Workstation with dual HP w2338h Displays

Dual Xeon Processors

4 GB Ram

Nvidia GeForce 210 Graphics

Dual Booting Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7


HP LaserJet P1102w

Acer Prisa 620UT USB Scanner. I don’t use it more than a couple times a week for family stuff. It’s a little old but works just fine.

Wacom Graphire Pen Tablet (can’t remember the model).

LaCie Big Disk